It is this desire that
defines what we do

From the discovery of the first kites in China, to the earliest attempts to fly with wings made of feathers and wood; flight has been the oldest dream of mankind. For the young Gilo Cardozo, this fascination with human flight was the beginning of all his dreams. In fact, it was all he ever wanted to do. The same young boy was always pulling his toys apart to discover how and why they worked. This mechanical mind coupled with the fascination for flight formed the basis of his lifelong endeavour to advance personal aviation.

Today, Gilo has joined the ranks of visionary inventors and aerospace engineers that have successfully translated their boyhood dreams into a reality. It is his passion and determination that defines what Gilo Industries Group do as a company. Each company within the Group thrives on Gilo’s original belief that we can do better, that form follows function and that everything must serve a purpose. This spirit allows Gilo Industries Group to continually push the edge of aviation technology and thrive in the aerospace and defence industry.

To reach great heights,
start with a great purpose

Gilo Industries Group is an aviation-focused company fuelled by passion for aerospace technology. From air, land or sea, we provide solutions that advance technology and discovery while meeting customer needs with high impact, best value aerospace products, systems and services. We foster a culture of invention in all aspects of our business through ingenuity, tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit and embrace an uncomplicated business environment built on respect, strength of character and the ability to have fun. We build lasting relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

Our goal is to conceive and create unrivalled innovative technology solutions, provide excellent service and the most rewarding customer experience in the aerospace industry.

We lead the way

Our reputation for innovation is the cornerstone of our success. Yet, we are never comfortable standing still. We think differently and strive to apply fresh thinking and creativity to everything we do. Some might call us geeky at times but we say we are just passionate about what we do and are really good at it. We unlock the energy and creativity of our team, embracing the new and different. We love grand endeavours, as well as everyday improvements; continuously challenging what’s possible within an innovative, collaborative and fun working environment.

We think customer

We never forget our customers and the challenges they face. They are our most important component. All of our decisions are taken with them in focus, after all, the latest innovation is only as good as its practical application. That’s why we always go the extra mile and have the staying power to resolve problems - no matter how challenging. It’s through this grounded approach and a sensitive antenna to market needs that we are delivering innovative customer-driven solutions that are changing the boundaries of what’s possible today.

We always deliver

Our team attaches enormous pride in what we have achieved and what we will achieve in the future. We are hugely proud of delivering industry-changing solutions and creating the stimulating and dynamic environment we believe is truly unique in our industry. We desire to surpass ourselves, to be able to deliver the best for our customers and exceed expectations in quality, service, affordability and on-time delivery. Trust is built through our continuously improving performance and delivering on commitments.

We have fun!

Fun is the crucial ingredient in our secret sauce. We embrace laughter and humour while working toward our common goal. Our tribe don’t take themselves too seriously, and use their imaginations to drive innovation, foster camaraderie and build a family atmosphere. These elements create a fantastic motivator that drive us to be creative and excel. We work hard and work smart, but we don’t forget to laugh and have fun.

Leadership that
inspires the business

Gilo Industries Group make up an extraordinary team of management, engineering, technical and operational staff. Where one lacks in skills, the other picks up. It is hard to imagine a more supportive group of individuals who are as excited about each other's ideas on a daily basis. Their enthusiasm for life and the world around them drives the business to new heights.

Gilo Cardozo - Founder

"When I first started out with Parajet, I had always been excited by the progress that was being made by our small company. What I’ve always been interested in and has been my driving force is getting people into the air in personal aircraft and having fun, and making that business grow. It is our passion and obsessive nature that defines what we do. You’ve got to get out there and show people what you can do.

We have a host of exciting projects being developed that goes beyond what people can imagine and can truly be classed as disruptive technologies that will change the face of aviation. Our growing engineering experience means that we can take a creative and rigorous approach to design. These hallmarks are evidenced in every single aspect and component of our products and technologies. It is our drive, determination and passion for flight which allows us to continually push the edge."

Together we achieve
so much more...

Gilo Industries Group has always recognised the key importance of partnerships in every aspect of the business, from building organisational strength to the continued delivery of innovative products and services that meet the needs of our customers. To ensure longevity, Gilo Industries Group is fully dedicated to working with all stakeholders based on a partnership of mutual trust and transparency.

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